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Never mind. I can report Ultimate succes, as I got GPS fix on internal Huawei EM680 / Gobi 3000 card.

I dont take any responsibilities for any damages etc. It worked for me, but it may damage yours. I lost ability to switch firmwares thu OneClickInternet, but I can change them using gobiAllPowerswitcher.

I have europe unlocked Z21, so maybe results and steps may vary a little.
I use Vodafone Czech republic SIM, and used General firwware for 3G, in my implementation I switched to Tele/O2/Vodafone firmwares and all worked good for 3G, all gave me also COM4 NMEA port.

Quick resume :

In order to obtain NMEA COM4 – this can be skipped, if you already have COM 4 visible in Device manager.
1. download GPS enabled firmwares :  Sony Gobi GPS driver
2. use uniextract 1.61 to extract.
3. use uniextract 1.61 to extract firmware files from TEMPEXEFOLDER\Gobi_Firmware_Setup.exe
4. In C:\Program Files (x86)\Huawei\Gobi\Images\3000\Generic are firmware folders.
5. I changed uqcn_nogps.mbn on my computer for uqcn.mbn in extracted firmwares. From general to general etc. I renamed original uqcn_nogps.mbm to .backup as to create backup and the gps enabled to copied twice, with _nogps and without suffix.
6. I switched firmware from general to Voda and I got NMEA port.

Start here, if you already have NMEA COM 4 port.
7. Get GobiAllpowerSwitcher this mod-book.ru forum thread.

8. I extracted everything to C:\GPS – I then use bash scripts to enable everything.
9. copy GobiConnectionMgmt.dll from C:\Program Files (x86)\Gobi3000 to C:\GPS
10. GobiAllPowerSwitcher is cmd tool, it comes with integrated help, just use cmd and /help switch.
11. Start gobi with VAIO Smart Network
12. I created simpel bat file with following content :

C:\GPS\GobiAllPowerSwitcher on
C:\GPS\GobiAllPowerSwitcher gps on

start C:\GPS\gps7s64

14. use whatever you like for the NMEA results, I use VisualGPS for verification and the third line of my .bat script is for starting GPS Location driver :  GPSDirect GPS NMEA Windows 7 Sensor Driver
15. let it sit under sky and after a minute or three, profit

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